Whoa! Slow down!!

Geez, I go to work and when I come up for air I find out:

Robert Palmer AND George Plimpton died.

Augh! Make it stop!!

On a lighter note:

There’s a new trailer for Return of the King that will be shown before Secondhand Lions (which I’m determined to see this weekend), and there’s a new Matrix trailer, too.

Doctor Who is coming back!!

And Mister Gnomedex survived the hurricane.

Happy 5764!!

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2 Responses to Whoa! Slow down!!

  1. Jeff says:

    I definitely understand, both Robert Palmer and George Plimpton were icons in their respective arenas.

    Good news for Doctor Who, it appears that it will be better managed than the “Americanized” Doctor Who movie.

    And Arrr, thank ye for the recognition of Talk like a Pirate day. 😉

  2. Avoiding Being Crushed By The Meme Train

    Everyone and their sainted auntie have come up with great vast honking link festivals. Well, not this Cheese….

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