Whores D’Oeuvres

OK, so somebody hit me with a stupid stick a long time ago. I know that. I’m not stup…um…

Anyway, for some reason, I thought that I was signing up for a creative writing class and lectures on the works of W. Somerset Maugham when I pushed the button to join BLOGWHORE 2: THE REVENGE OF BLOGWHORE. Obviously, the creative part will be there, but it looks like it will be more about SEX and HUMILIATION than about CREATIVITY, PASSION, CHARM, WIT and… um… sex.

Fortunately for my chances at winning this game, my little minions fall into one of two categories:

A. They LOVE me, and so will go to BLOGWHORE2 and all of the judges’ and peanut gallery members’ sites, giving them their much-desired traffic and mentioning what a great guy I am.

B. They HATE me, and so will go to BLOGWHORE2 and all of the judges’ and peanut gallery members’ sites in the hope of seeing me embarrassed and torn apart by the ravenous mob.

OK, so maybe it’s “a little from column A, a little from column B” but please go. And don’t forget to tell them who sent you.

[ Eeep! I almost forgot!! I get points if you make a link to BLOGWHORE2 or make a post about on your site. E-mail me and let me know, so I can get credit. Um, not that I care or anything. ]

UPDATE: I might as well give up already. Other contestants are flashing boobies to encourage linky lust love. I’m ill-equipped to compete with that.

UPDATE 2: It is perfectly fine to go and drool over the competition’s boobies. Just make sure you tell the judges it was me that sent you.

UPDATE 3: I forgot to let you know that there is a trash-talking extravaganza at the Yahoo! Groups Blogwhore group. Sign up and get all trashy talkin’… just remember this is supposed to be FUN!

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14 Responses to Whores D’Oeuvres

  1. michele says:

    How come everyone except me gets complimentary links?

  2. wSpacebran says:

    yeah, i always knew you were a saucy wench. no, wait–that’s me.

    yeah, i always knew you were a blogging whore. oh…wait–still me.

    yeah, i always knew you’d crane your neck out like a reckless turkey on a speeding highway. need any cranberry sauce with that?

  3. Gnome-Girl says:

    He’s Blogwhore and proud of it

    Mighty Solonor has demanded I show my undying love for him. Yes I worship his blogwhoring ass but damn do

  4. Brian Peace says:

    I would be glad to help. Just…um…explain to those of us who are hard of thinking exactly what all of this is about and how to…um…help.

  5. Solonor says:

    Just put a post on your blog that directs people to the Blogwhore game at http://www.blogwhore.com/ and mention that it was my fault that you did so.

  6. wKenShow says:

    Solonor rhymes with ‘whore’

    The thing I hate about games like BlogWhore 2, is that there is often more than one contestant that I

  7. wKen says:

    Where, exactly, can I find these flashing boobies? I just want to see how low this contest has really sunk, that’s all. I promise not to enjoy it.

  8. Solonor says:

    Not to give a plug to the competition, but it’s Chris. Go ogle her boobs all you want, just make sure you tell the judges it was me who pointed them out!

  9. Brian Peace says:

    Well, my host is having technical difficulties, so my Trackbacks are not working right now. You have my support though. You might throw something at me, though. It’s alright, Scott has beaten the hell out of me all morning.

    :: ducks and covers ::

  10. He’s a Blogwhore and He Don’t Care

    Solonor is a big ole Blogwhore and he don’t care. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to win. Including

  11. skits says:

    I suck! I didn’t realize you were whoring it up over here, too. 🙁 Next challenge, dude. I’m there for ya!

  12. My belongs to Solonor!

    Sorry guys, but Solonor buys me jewelry — so he’s my BLOGWHORE(2). Yes, I can be bought…

  13. I’m TOOOO Easy.

    Since he asked “PWEESE with hot, luscious chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and cherries on top (No nuts, dammit!)”, I’m throwing

  14. rah says:

    Ipse dixit is my blog daddy, but I rebelled and we are nothing alike. 😉

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