Wind up your DVR’s, kids!

My love for the Discovery Channel knows no bounds. And it just got stronger with the announcement that they will air a 5-hour documentary on the history of videogames.

The first hour, “Rise of the Videogame, Level One” airs on Wednesday, November 21, at 8pm. Level Two is on the following Wednesday, with the rest each Wednesday until December 19.

[ via SEB ]

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4 Responses to Wind up your DVR’s, kids!

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Looks like Asteroids will be in episode 2, huh?

    Seems like a pretty cool series. I may have to figure out where that channel is on my cable, heh.

  2. geeky says:

    I can be pretty sure Mr. Geeky will be making me watch all 5 hours of this.

  3. Karan says:

    They’d better give at least an hour to Pong and a second hour to Atari. That’s all I have to say about that.

  4. domino says:

    I’d watch it, but all my spare time is taken up by playing Halo 3 Team Slayer on Xbox Live.

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