wKenShow: Is this free speech or evil incarnate?

I have received several dozen e-mails asking me to remove wKenShow from my Daily Reads blogroll. Um…okay, it was only one….and it was from wKen…but that is totally beside the point! wKenShow is the most vile piece of garbage this side of Britney Spears.com (Welcome all you Britney fans from Google. Love ya. Mean it.)

So, I ask you: Is wKen and his famed Orgasmatron a witty look at the life of a single lawyer in America? Or is it something darker?

I await your response.

[ There ya go, Ken. Worked for LGF! The hits oughta start rollin’ in now. ]

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8 Responses to wKenShow: Is this free speech or evil incarnate?

  1. F. McSweeny! says:

    wKen’s is like free copies of Penthouse you found in your big brothers underwear drawer. Except without all the skidmarks.

  2. wKen says:

    Thanks, but I’m not sure that you have the readership of MSNBC nor I the amount of supporters as LGF. I do like being grouped with Britney Spears, though. She’s cute, and not that innocent.;)

  3. Bill says:

    wKen is a bad, bad man and should be spanked as soon as I can find my latex bodysuit and wooden paddle.

  4. bran says:

    wKen is vile. VILE. and i like it. *drool*

  5. michele says:

    wKen kidnapped my babies and ate my hamsters!!

  6. Gretchen says:

    Hey i just want 2 say that wKenShow is da bomb to all U haters!. wKen iz very talented writer and so what if he’s got the orgazmatron, at least he’s gettin some which is probably more than the rest of you,your just jealous. His blgo is the best and so what if he talks about his sexual epxriences, he’s keepin it real.

    so dont hate, yo, love wKen cuz he love U 2.

    (Thanks, wKen, see you how you’ve inspired me? *wink*

  7. Solonor says:

    Oh, my God! I’ve engendered the wrath of the wKen groupies!! Run away!

  8. Gretchen says:

    *hee hee* Cool, I’m a groupie!

    Would wKen have it any other way? 😉

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