Ya, sure.

In honor of the birthday of one of my wife’s online stalkers (the only things she ever goes online for are games, movie times and to buy me Red Green stuff cheap, yet she’s got more online fans than Whiny and me combined), it’s Minnesota Day at Solonor’s Ink Well.

We’re going to talk with a dumb accent (not our usually intelligent Maine one, which I really don’t have), eat tons of ludefisk, listen to Prairie Home all day and crank the a/c down to -15 degrees. You betcha.

Actually, our choir director bought us all tickets to see the St. Olaf Choir tonight, so I thought I’d tie it into Natalie’s birthday instead of getting her a present. Smooth, eh?

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2 Responses to Ya, sure.

  1. picklejuice says:

    OOh, ooh, if you see the St. Olaf Choir you HAVE to start saying stupid crap like Rose from “Golden Girls” – they LOVE that.

    I’ve been through St. Olaf once. I went to see the Malt O’ Meal building. Didn’t smell as nice as the Quaker Oats factory in Cedar Rapids, but it was still pretty cool.

    (And nobody eats “tons” of lutefisk…hell, half a sniff of the stuff is well enough. Baby steps, m’dear. Baby steps.)

    Ah yeah, geez, yup, you betcha!

  2. nefarious says:

    Oh Oh Oh!! I found another Red Green fan!! Woo hoo! I thought I was alone in this world. At least that’s how my wife makes me feel 😉

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