Yakkety Yak

Had a wonderful time conversing with the gang at Cuppa Tea: BatChat!. We talked about life and love, crapping caterpillars, lesbians with hooks, and all manner of hooha. It was a blast.

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2 Responses to Yakkety Yak

  1. batgrl says:

    Actually we did paddle Scooter but he was on the phone at the time and amazingly did not notice. Can you imagine?

  2. Cuppa Tea says:

    I’m not much of a geek, Dot Lizard hooha, fear of celery, Nixon, and lyrics for Bunny

    Thanks for dropping by BatChat everyone! I’ll have quotes up later this weekend. And contrary to some reports there was no paddling. Except for Scooter, who was paddled but sadly he didn’t notice. Which reminds me – Solonor forced me (yes, I had to do …

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