Yeah, Baby!

Just got back from the latest Austin Powers flick, Goldmember. I haven’t laughed this hard in months. Maybe I’m reverting to an immature teenager, but this is funny!

I admit that I tend to give credence to professional reviewers–much to the annoyance of my wife. If I read a review before going in, I sometimes (not always) wind up with a preconceived notion of whether or not the movie will be good. It’s a nasty habit, and I’m trying to cut down.

What helps are such obviously stupid reviews as these:

Roger Ebert: (2-stars) “The movie is a little tired; maybe the original inspiration has run its course. It’s a small disappointment, but I’m glad I saw it. Sorta.”

James Berardinelli: (2.5-stars) “One of the blessings of Goldmember is that it’s only 90 minutes long…”

Kenneth Turan, LA Times: “Everyone likes the idea of Austin Powers, but the actuality of “Austin Powers in Goldmember” is a lot harder to take.”

Granted, not everyone hated it., the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post all gave it pretty good reviews. But overall, I have to wonder what planet these people are on.

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