Yes, I’m an April Winchell fanboy. Wanna fight about it?

My favoritest source of funny in the world, April Winchell, has just updated her site and stepped into the 20th Century. As a special treat, she also decided to update her mp3 library with a bunch of new crap and better quality versions of old crap.

I won’t link any of the audio here, so you can suck down her bandwidth directly (um, yeah, moving along). But she’s got things organized into piles like:

* Teen Spirit Covers (Polka!!)
* Corporate Music (Dryclean When You Care)
* TV Theme Covers (Sammy Davis, Jr., you’re gonna make it after all!)
* Spoken Word (Just when you thought you’d never find that bedwetting hypnosis tape.)
* Audio Collage and Mash-Ups (Download I Wanna Be Sedated by the Dictionaraoke using my bandwidth.)
* Celebrities Who Insist On Singing (no further description necessary)
* Celebrities Who Can’t Sing, So They Talk To Music
* Things You Probably Weren’t Supposed To Hear (I love the Jim Backus one.)
* Beatles Covers
* Stairway to Heaven
* Learn Italian with Fabio
* Chicken Songs
* Terrifying Christian Recordings (“Menstruation is God’s Plan”)
* Bizarre Covers (“Black Hole Sun” by Steve and Eydie gave me this brain tumor!)
* And sooooo much more!

Anywho, with categories like these, how can you resist wallowing in the April freshness?

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2 Responses to Yes, I’m an April Winchell fanboy. Wanna fight about it?

  1. domino says:

    386dx Teen Spirit…too funny.

  2. Karan says:

    Now my blog roll is one link longer.

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