Yet more ways to buy my CD!

The pitiful sales figures for my CD are not from lack of availability! Besides putting it for sale on and making it downloadable via echospin and SoundClick myself, the amazing folks at CD Baby have put it on Tower Records web site and submitted it to 29 online music services, including iTunes, Napster and MSN Music (though it’s not available at any of those places, yet). Well, now they have struck a deal with Super D One-Stop that means you can order my CD at one of over 2400 retail stores in the U.S., Australia, France, Japan, the U.K., Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Italy and Mexico.

There’s a huge list of the stores that use Super D, organized by country and city (and state in the U.S.). For example, in Orlando you can walk into CD Warehouse and East-West Compact Discs & Tapes on Orange Avenue and order a copy. In Bangor, Maine, you can get it at Bull Moose in the Maine Square Mall and Summit Sound on Ohio Street.

So, if you want to get my CD (and who doesn’t?), but you don’t feel comfortable ordering it online, let me know where you live, and I’ll tell you what store in your area can get it for you!

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  1. this is but a taste of the Solonor-dominated future that surely lies ahead of us. prepare yourselves, Orwellian robots: the Half-Elf Cometh.

  2. WHiRRKat says:

    Not that anyone can hear it over the mechanical whirrs of the building’s electrical system or car noise, but is it okay if I play “Robots Never Cry” in my booth at Fringe?

    By the way, I have a booth at Fringe. It runs until the 29th. If none of the Rasreths come by, I will cry. Because I am not a robot.

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