You bet your sweet Biffi

Not being a follower of all things Catholic, I missed out on Cardinal Biffi’s proclamation that the antichrist is walking among us. Among other things, Biffi said that he is a vegetarian who preaches the virtues of “pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights.”

With some small chance that Biffi might be the next Pope, Michele thought it prudent to speculate on the identity of said antichrist.

I think it is patently obvious.

The recipe for Krabby Patties is a well-guarded secret, but creator Hillenburg has hinted that these mystery burgers may be vegetarian. Otherwise, some inhabitants of Bikini Bottom would be cannibals.Fast Facts on SpongeBob SquarePants

For more information on what Cardinals believe, go to

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3 Responses to You bet your sweet Biffi

  1. brandelion says:

    OH, Solly
    more fanning the flames of the Spongebob mystique?

    check this out:

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I thought Ryan Seacrest was the Anti-Christ…

  3. AnnMarie says:

    Well, I guess my son loves the antichrist. He asked for his balloon at Publix today. That’s disturbing. Now I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

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