You didn’t miss me anyway, right?

Nothing like getting home from a week of crappy dial-up (Don’t even get me started on Juno’s “We’re cutting you off from the free service except between 4am and noon, so why don’t you upgrade to our pay service, ya cheap bastard?”) to find that the cable’s been out for 2 days.

It’s all better now (obviously). I’m trying to get caught up on blogs and baseball and burning CD’s for the BKO.

I hate traveling.

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2 Responses to You didn’t miss me anyway, right?

  1. Christine says:

    Welcome back! And you’re right, Juno DOES suck, we’ve tried it.

    Your CD’s for the swap are on their way, that is, if they haven’t already arrived. I threw in a little extra for you…a couple of Red Sox novelty songs that the others probably wouldn’t be interested in. Enjoy! 🙂

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