January 05, 2008


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May 05, 2004


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Which random kitten picture are you
You are:
This QuickKwiz by lebowski - Taken 12906 Times.
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April 11, 2004

The Super Awesome Mixy-Story Thing...Yeah

What is it that makes me only write somewhat well at night?

Click below to read the story Ashley and I wrote about say 10 minutes ago.

Ashley: I'm still recovering from it.
Emily: .:is hit with water bottle:. ow... .:again:. ow... .:to the third power:. ow...

Click it...NOW!!

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April 05, 2004

New Story

I started writing a story at around 1 o'clock. Yes I know I should be sleeping but see heres the thing: I couldn't sleep and I was struck by inspiration. You know how it is...

So yeah, if you give a crap go ahead and read it. I'd like to see some reviews and if anybody thinks I should continue, since this is just the prologue. (spelling)

PS- Please ignore the spelling mistakes as I dont really have a spell checker as of right now.

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February 13, 2004


This was on the bottom of one of Ashley's new diaryland layouts.

"A real friend is someone who you can sit in complete silence with, and still walk away feeling like you just had the best conversation in your life"

Really cool ne?

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January 04, 2004

This is really more for me... but I put it here anyway...

I'm gonna start cosplaying and going to cons. Really I am...uh huh. REALLY. I swear! .:looks around:. yup. I sure am... .:whistle:.

Okay on a more serious note, I am honestly going to start going to cons and I'm gonna TRY to start cosplaying. I have a character in mind but I'm not sure on how to do this one part. I want to do Koganei Kaoru from Flame of Recca. But Kogan Anki (his weapon) could present a problem. -.-'

That would be Kaoru up thur ^ and down thur V

And that would be Kogan Anki in its Primary Form 'Kiba'. There are five forms of Anki. Kiba, Ryu, Kyoku, Mikazuki, and An. I would have to pick one because making something that can switch between the five like the Kogan Anki would be at the very most unlikely. So to narrow it down! Eep...

Kiba. Pros- Its the primary and most well known form. It would be a bit easier than some of the others. Cons- Its the most well known form. I find it kind of boring...

Ryu. Pros- This is my favorite form, second only too An. It looks REALLY cool. Cons- It would be really hard to make.

Kyoku. Pros- none. Cons- I dont like Kyoku much...at all. Its just a big pair of sizzors. -.-'' plus it wouldn't be that easy to make.

Mikazuki. Pros- Its pretty cool and looks like it may be realitivly easy to make. Cons- Its kinda boring. But thats it...

An. Pros- This is my favorite form! Weeeee! No one knows where exactly the arrow comes from however... -.-' Cons- Uber-Hard. I think. its like a bow type deal. yeah....

Yeah. So I'm gonna put a little more thought into that. Anybody that wants to know more about Kogan Anki you can go here

If you have any suggestions please email me at pepperkat@cfl.rr.com Thankee!! ^.^

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