Carnival of the Vanities #23

Can we talk? It’s Carnival of the Vanities time. This week it’s at Kesher Talk.

“I observed all the happenings beneath the sun, and I found that all is vanity and pursuit of wind,” says Kohelet. Our weekly blogosphere digest Carnival of the Vanities may be an ephemeral pffft of vapor, but 27 posts on subjects ranging from boycotts to hockey to Texas affirm that there is a season set for everything and a time for every experience under heaven. (In an email Mike Finley sees me and raises me in the etymology game, pointing out that “carnival” is an ancient word for “meatfest.” Meatfest. I have a mental image of buffed glistening gore-streaked gladiator types throwing huge slabs of beef at each other in the dead of night by a roaring campfire. Um, thanks, Mike.)

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