Another sappy love song

One side effect of not blogging all day is that I stayed up until 2am checking out everyone else’s blogs. That means getting fresh, hot Melly, since she only seems to post at the most unholy hour. It also means I’m too tired to think better before clicking on a link she provides…

This kid is strange, sad, sick, twisted and hilarious. Or, as I wrote in her comments, “This is what would come out of the mouth of a dweeby 12-year-old if the souls of Sam Kinison and Jack Kerouac got put into a blender and were shoved up his ass.”




Another Sappy Love Song

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  1. melly rocks. even if she wears velour jump suits and sneaker heels.

    and i have soooo done the 2 AM blogger thing. too, too many times.

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