2006: Like 2005 only higher.

I started copy-catting my friend Scott and his look back at 2006 via the first sentence of each month’s post. What I found was that most of the time the first post of the month said something like, “Hey, dudes and dudettes. Sorry for not blogging so much.” Bleh. So, instead, I’ll use the most commented-upon post of each month.

January: “This is the week where all you little readers who never comment come crawling out of your hidey holes to step up to the blog microphone and say, ‘boo!’.” – Come out, come out, wherever you are…

February: “As it turns out, I have fabulous access to the internets here in Pittsbrrrrrrrrgh.” – I love the Steelers

March: (It’s a tie!) “Is it a coincidence that my blog’s birthday is on Ash Wednesday? I think not.” – An appropriate Lenten celebration AND “It’s finally here! The sales link is live, and the new web site is live. I’m so excited that I can hardly contain myself!” – This is where I get all rich and famous, right?

April: “Well, I’m off to the Lone Star State until Sunday.” – Texass bound

May: “Munster or Addams?” – Question of the Day

June: “Happy birthday to me. I’m not 43. I act like a monkey…So buy my CD!!!!!!!!” – I don’t feel a day over 44

July: (tied) It’s me…ok, me 20 years ago… AND “When I made the previous post, the quote from Dieter of Sprockets led me to a list of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches, which led me to Kenan Thompson.” – The mind…she wanders… AND “Woke up this mornin’ (duh-naaa-na-na). Tried to turn on TV (duh-naaa-na-na). Got no reception (duh-naaa-na-na). Thought it must have been me.” – Stupid clogged tubes…

August: (tie) “Via Dave, I tracked down (yeah, it was all of 3 mouse clicks, shaddap) James Gunn’s list of MY 25 FAVORITE TV CHARACTERS EVER (or at least the ones I could think of sitting down for a half-hour…).” – 25 Favorite TV Characters AND “Thar’s a tropical storm a-comin’! Git outta the way!” – Hola, Ernesto. Como esta, butthead?

September: “Godwin’s Law: ‘As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.'” – Great Gobs of Godwin

October: “When I was a kid, I lived in front of the TV.” – Help me! The addiction returns!

November: (tie) Ayuh. No accent heah. AND “Happy birthday to the coolest 17 year old on the planet.” – Old enough to see Borat by herself!

December: (tie…to be broken by this and possibly the next few days’ avalanche of comments) “I love my DVR, but sometimes it needs a little help.” – God bless DVR (and re-runs) AND “For Christmas, I received a copy of Love by The Beatles.” – It’s hard to ask questions when your breath has been taken away.

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