New Year Movie Wrapup

Well, another year has gone, and I hope you all are having some fun tonight. We plan on doing our traditional midnight movie, wherein we enter the theater in one year and come out in the next.

Yes, we’re dorks. Your point?

I think that we’re going to see Casino Royale, as it is one of the few movies that actually runs through midnight in the local theater. It’s odd that New Year’s Eve is on Sunday, so everything closes earlier.

We didn’t make our goal of seeing more movies than in 2005. I’m not sure if we’ll ever top that record, but we really didn’t hit the dollar theater as hard as we usually do, even with the daughter working at one. Still, we saw a crapload of films. Here’s how I saw it…rated from 1 to 5 “Pinkys” (I have no Brains).

Accepted – This could have been a classic comedy if they’d let it. As it was, it almost made it. Lewis Black alone was worth it.
Borat – Unbelievably hilarious (and I’ll probably never watch it again).
The Break-Up – Free movies are hard to pick on.
The Devil Wears Prada – I liked it ok.
The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift – Actually a lot of fun!
Flags of Our Fathers – Not exactly Saving Private Ryan, but Adam Beach deserves some award thingy or another.
For Your Consideration – I thought it was very funny. Apparently I’m alone in that opinion.
Little Miss Sunshine – I think this was my favorite film of the year!
Mission: Impossible III – Action packed and fun.
Monster House – Surprisingly good. I think this will be an annual Halloween movie.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend – Could have been better, but not bad.
Nacho Libre – Disappointing.
Over the Hedge – Cute fun.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – Wicked fun! I can’t wait until May 25!
A Prairie Home Companion – Probably my 2nd favorite movie of the year.
The Prestige – Too predictable.
RV – Worst movie of the year!
Snakes on a Plane – The build up was more fun than the movie, but I thought it rocked.
Superman Returns – I’m just not that big a Superman fan, I guess.
V for Vendetta – Meh. It was ok, but the liberties it took with the book kinda ruined it for me.
X-Men: The Last Stand – Not as good as the first two.

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5 Responses to New Year Movie Wrapup

  1. MJ says:

    I’ve only seen 5 of these on your list. We just Netflixed (I’m verbing, I know) Little Miss Sunshine last week and I agree 100% – probably the best movie I’ve seen in a LONG time! Fantastic! I hope it gets an oscar nod – it certainly deserves it.

    Happy New Year my friend! Or as we say here in the desert… Feliz A

  2. susan says:

    We do the movie thing every year too.. but Deputy has to work early tomorrow morning, so it was an early movie for us. (Night at the Museum – ROCKED!)

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Happy New Year, old chum.

    {nursing a hangover, another New Years tradition}

  4. kat says:

    Just stopping by to say happy new year!

  5. Dorks be damned… normally that’s how we spend NYE. This year we just went for dinner at Ruth’s Chris… too pooped for a flick…

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