White and nerdy? Who? Me?

’tis the season for… The Funny 25 and my annual update to the TOP 100 (or so) DEMENTED HITS (from Funny 25

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5 Responses to White and nerdy? Who? Me?

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Is “The Ultimate Showdown” the same as the video that the kids are all playing these days? The one where Mr. Rogers is the winner?

  2. Never heard of Camille West!!! She’s a riot!!

  3. Mamacita says:

    WHAT? Where’s Tai Kwan Leap, with Ed Gruberman, after whom I named my cat?

    Great list, by the way.

  4. “You’re Pitiful” (at #4) is one of my favorite songs; mostly because the *other* song makes me want to buy fire arms and use them…

  5. To be blunt…

    Much like viewing H.R. Puffinstuff in the 1970s, listening to “You’re Beautiful,” by Blunt would be greatly enhanced by the smoking of… A BLUNT!

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