A Cultural Event

Yesterday, we decided to break out of the rut. Instead of trying to find a movie that Mrs. Rasreth and the 1/4-elves could all agree on (something I am sure every parent of a 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl just love to do), we decided to ::gasp:: do something cultural!

I know what you’re thinking. “You live in Orlando. You have all kinds of stuff to do!”

It is true. Orlando is one of the cornerstones of high art (Disney, um, Disney….uh…Universal…um…Disney). But like most middle class Americans, we stick to the basics: TV, Playstation, Computer, the Mall…and movies.

Those last two require us to go out and mingle with polite society, so we don’t do them very often (“Get mama’s pryin’ bar! We’s gonna go to the moovies!”), but we also have discriminating tastes. And since there were no killer mutant movies playing this week (not counting Britney Spears), we were left to assay the possibilities of fine art.

Our first thought went to the UCF theater’s production of Damn Yankees. After all, it is Spring Training. And being a lifelong Red Sox fan, a show with “Damn Yankees” in the title sounded great!

Alas, they were sold out….

What’s the next thing you think of when your musical is sold out? Why a comedy club, of course! And we have just the place in this little town: SAK Comedy Lab. Saturday night they were running “Duel of Fools”–a “Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?” type of show, where two teams meet in a bloody improv match. It’s like “Battle Bots” for starving comics. (I don’t know if they were really starving, but we were asked not to feed them or risk having them follow us home.)

We started out the evening in grand fashion by pissing off Whiny the Elder…making him come home early from his friend’s house and ::gasp:: making him take a bath! Let the sulking begin….but as soon as the first improv bit hit, we were all over that, because it ended in a fistfight! Yeah! (Well…you see there was this Easter thing and the rock song guy got tangled up in his mike cord and started wrestling with the other guy and they ended up in a pile of bodies but it was all ok because one of them became Wonder Woman and the other was a saucy seagull before Darth Vader got on the boat and….umm…I guess you had to be there…)

Anyway, a good time was had by all.

Next time–Hamlet. (I hear they have some cool sword fights in that one!)

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