About Damned Time, Too!

Darned hackers deserve this: Free Software Gives Hackers A Taste of Their Own Medicine

It’s about time someone stood up and took on those scum. I applaud Backfire Security and their efforts.

PAYBACK v1.0 is a new kind of anti-hacker application called an IRS (Intruder Retaliation System) and is based upon “guerrilla” programming protocols and algorithms originally developed for the Chinese Space Program.

The software has the ability to instantly and dynamically ‘trace’ the IP source address – no matter how well masked – of the network attack/infection and respond by launching either a Domain Name or Mail Server flood attack in the direction of the attacker.

This overwhelming retaliation is then accelerated by up to 6000% per cent, according to independent tests, as the software initiates a peered “guerrilla” offensive by capturing any available waste Internet data during its transit (dropped packets, redundant addresses, undelivered mails etc) and aggregating them in the attack.

Why, it almost sounds too good to be true…

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3 Responses to About Damned Time, Too!

  1. GeekGrrl says:

    “This account has exceeded it’s bandwidth quota and has been temporarily disabled.”

    Well that was quick. Must’ve been hacked. 😉

  2. Maria says:

    Happy April Fools day!! *lol* ;o)

  3. Just-A-Girl says:

    Funny guy…

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