And the award goes to…

Last night we went to our last school awards night ever. That’s right, kids, it’s time for the female half of the Spawn of Solonor act to graduate. In a couple of weeks, we’ll watch Pepperkat march up on stage in a funny hat and dress to receive her diploma. (Then we’ll go to Hard Rock to partay.)

I’m still shaking my head in disbelief at the realization that she wasn’t even in kindergarten when we moved down here!

Anywho, amongst the build-up of plaques that she received was a special one. She was named by the faculty and staff of the school as Student of the Year! Woo!

As one teacher put it: “How did you get that? You’re never here!”

Seriously, this girl has worked her butt off for a decade at school, in church, with the Girl Scouts, at her job. She’s an amazing kid, and we’re uber proud of her.

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6 Responses to And the award goes to…

  1. shelley says:

    Woooooo for Pepperkat! And congrats to the proud papa, too!

  2. CLD says:

    It just shows the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂

    You and the mama are excellent parents. And Pepperkat is an excellent rugrat.

  3. Menace says:

    What CLD said! Really, she’s a great kid and had a seriously good upbringing.

    Congrats Emily and kudos to both parents.

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Congratulations, P-Kat!

    I am seriously old now. 🙂

    Way cool stuff. Not surprising in the least, but waaay cool.

  5. bran says:

    many congrats, P.Kat! you’re an amazing gal. 🙂

  6. snowgirl says:

    Congrats! This is not a surprise of course, look at the smart people in your family. Did she take sock puppets to the ceremony?

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