And The Ground Will Shake

Friday night, the Solonor clan comes out of hiding. I can’t wait. We’re finally going to meet Robyn, Todd, Statia, Jason, Yvonne, Andrea, Stacy, et al.
(Sorry, I meant “et Dan”…I dunno who Al is…)

Anyway, it’s not just me that’s excited. You see, I’ve spawned a pair of mini-bloggers in Pepperkat and Whiny the Elder. They’re all a-twitter about meeting real live bloggers.

For example, here’s a conversation my son posted on his blog (snarky comments in parentheses are his):

WTE: I’m going to the Rainforest Cafe on Friday to eat with bloggers.
Ark: Really?
WTE: Yeah, I get to eat with a bunch of people I don’t know with blogs I have never read.
Ark: Oh (He is a man of few words…I guess)
WTE: It doesn’t help that the only blogs I read are yours, DaProber’s, Becky’s, my sister’s, Solonor’s, and my own. (Yes, I DO speak in hyperlinks)
Ark: Heh (Is he a man of few words or am I just making up a response? The world may never know.)
WTE: Yeah, we’re the underground blogs.
Ark: Doesn’t that make us the underground of the underground?
WTE: Isn’t that above ground on the other side?
Ark: Yeah, maybe we’re really popular in China!
WTE: People probably see us on the news all the time there!
Ark: Heheh
WTE: I have to put this in my blog…

Watch out non-blog society. We’re breeding.

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4 Responses to And The Ground Will Shake

  1. Ejen says:

    I always knew Whiny was the underground, Revolutionary type guy…yup!

  2. Underground revolutionary type, or underground
    sit-like-a-rock type?

  3. So totally jealous! Have a great time meeting all of them. 🙂

  4. Feel the Power

    We came. We saw. We kicked their ass! Last night’s meeting of Blogaholics Anonymous™ went off without a hitch. Not!

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