Sanity Takes a Holiday

There is nothing that gets my blood boiling quicker than an unjustified attack on an innocent person. I still hold faint hope that most intelligent human beings are the same way.

Today’s opportunity for doubt comes in the form of religious nutjobs issuing a fatwa on the Nigerian journalist that wrote the slanderous accusation that Muhammed liked girls. Compounding the stupidity is that they have issued this statement through the government!

At least she made it out of the country. Now all she has to worry about are the billion potential hitmen out there that might follow through with their “religious duty” to kill her.

Pardon me. I have to go scream into my pillow now.

[ via Spleenville ]

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One Response to Sanity Takes a Holiday

  1. Sekimori says:

    Screw the pillow…there’s nothing more satisfying than a primal scream at the stars.

    Well, except for the annhiliation of nutjobs, that is.

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