At the risk of being trendy…

I get asked a lot, “What music are you listening to?”

I usually stammer and remind these people how old I am and tell them that I haven’t bought a CD in years. I usually listen to the same old stuff (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

But now I can actually say I like something relatively hip and now and happenin’, man. That’s because my son’s got me hooked on The Decemberists.

Don’t tell me all about how they’ve been around for years and that I’m late to the party. Humor an old guy, willya?

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4 Responses to At the risk of being trendy…

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Oh dear, I understand this all too well….

    There was a time when I was sure I would always know what was current and happening in music, even if it wasn’t to my particular taste.

    That time was a LONG time ago, and I have no clue who these people are who are making music these days.

    There was some song on at work the other day that I asked about, something that I kinda liked. I wanted to know who it was, so that I could maybe relate to my kids (FAT chance!). Of course, I promptly forgot who it was, or even the title…. sigh.

  2. geeky says:

    you’re way cooler than me.. i’ve never heard of the decemberists!

  3. Cyn says:

    Decemberists! YAY YAY YAY! You should get Castaways and Cutouts, it is awesome.

    PS. Indie rock secret: Colin Meloy, the Decemberist’s lead singer, used to be in an alt country band called Tarkio. Their album is supposed to be rereleased by Kill Rock Stars sometime.

  4. xade says:

    See, and I’ve just been introducted to this cool chick called Ricky Lee Jones.

    Yep. I’m one of the cool and trendy people… 😀

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