Bad Hombres, Nasty Women and other SOB’s

It’s time once again for the annual update to the list of Dr. Demento’s TOP 100 (or so) DEMENTED HITS (from Funny 25’s).

This year featured plenty of Donald Trump parodies from Bad Hombres, Nasty Women to The Donald Trump Club March to Donald Trump’s Hair (which was written long before the recent election unpleasantness). As usual, the topics of the day (Trump, Bernie, the Cubs) raised their ugly heads–only to have them shot at in hilarious ways. I’ll wager we haven’t seen the last of these.

Fortunately, there were plenty of nonsensical tracks in the vein of Fish Heads and My Name is Larry, as well. The Worm Quartet brought us their observation of an Entire Dog (a WHOLE DOG!). The Chardon Polka Band created a spiritual successor to Frank Yankovic’s classic In Heaven There Is No Beer called You Can’t Drink Beer In Outer Space. Max DeGroot sings to us as one of those guys who brags about his love of hot foods in Spicey to the tune Billy Joel’s Always A Woman. And Steve Goodie undertook a medley of “Weird Al” songs in a Weird Al Country Medley.

Following in the footsteps of acts like AC/DC, CeeLo Green, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Frank Zappa, and The Monkees “legitimate” artists Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats placed a song in this year’s top 25 with S.O.B..

Power Salad released a tribute to Carrie Fisher to the tune of Layla called Leia (and Other Assorted Star Wars Parodies) shortly after “The Force Awakens” to respond to those body shamers out there who didn’t understand the concept of a woman somehow not looking 19 when she reached her late 50’s.

Only two songs revisited the Funny 25 from the past. Fish Heads–the number one demented song of all time–showed up for the first time since 2013, adding a point to its total, and Steve Goodman’s A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Wish made an appropriate reappearance thanks to the 2016 World Series champs.

Cub Fan’s spot wasn’t high enough to put it into the Top 100, but I did find an error in the totals. Street Meat (You Keep Tauntin’ Me) by Mike Phirman, which appeared at #4 in 2010 and #10 in 2011, has enough points to put it in the Top 100 at #66, alongside “Weird Al” Yankovic’s very first appearance in 1979–My Bologna.

Finally, the number one song this year was Dick Heads by Steve Goodie–a re-working of Fish Heads into a rant against a litany of things he doesn’t like.

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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show via the Demented Music Database

The Dr. Demento Show #16-53 – December 31, 2016
Special Topic: Funny 25

#25 Fish Heads – Barnes & Barnes
#24 Entire Dog – Worm Quartet
#23 Nothin’ But Truth – Devo Spice f/ Bonecage
#22 You Can’t Drink Beer In Outer Space – Chardon Polka Band (video)
#21 The Top 10 Things To Never Say On A First Date – MC Lars
#20 Bad Hombres, Nasty Women – The Gregory Brothers f/ “Weird Al” Yankovic (video)
#19 A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request – Steve Goodman (video)
#18 Asshole Parade – Tom Perri (video)
#17 Feel The Bern (In Your Bong) – Holy Bongwater

#16 The Donald Trump Club March – Robert Lund & Spaff (video)
#15 S. O. B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (video)
#14 Trump Acres – Capitol Steps
#13 Spicy – Max de Groot
#12 Endoscope – Steve Goodie
#11 The Voices In Your Head (Have Started A Podcast) – Power Salad

#10 Ghostbusted – Anthony “A-Log” LoGatto
#9 If I Was President – Frank Zappa
#8 Donald Trump’s Hair – Kacey Jones (video)
#7 Weird Al Country Medley – Steve Goodie
#6 I’m Vambre Warrior – the great Luke Ski f/ Carrie Dahlby (video)
#5 Leia (and other assorted Star Wars parodies) – Power Salad (video)
#4 1,000 FuMPs – The FuMP (video)
#3 When Trump Was A Lad – Michael Stein (video)
#2 I’m Gonna Be Offended – Timm McCoy

#1 Dick Heads – Steve Goodie

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