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The blog world is mobilizing to help New Orleans. skippy the bush kangaroo is challenging folks to give $100.01 to the Red Cross and to start a sort of charitable pyramid scheme by sending the challenge to everyone on their blogrolls. Instapundit has a list of places to help and a blog roundup. And NZ Bear has organized a Blog for Relief Day, where hundreds of bloggers are banded together to promote various charities. When you donate, you can jump over to NZ’s page to log your contribution, if you so desire.

I urge you to donate to the American Red Cross by calling their 1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669) or clicking on the link I have pasted all over this blog.

I know people want to do more than type a few numbers from their credit card onto a computer screen, but there is seriously nothing better you can do. Charities like the Red Cross can purchase more with your $1 than you can, and they have the advantage of knowing exactly what’s needed and where. And it’s much easier to ship electronic funds than a bunch of “stuff”, too.

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Also, Amazon has their Red Cross donation page up.

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    The liberal blogosphere has a network or ring or whatever: it’s at this link.

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