Mmm… sardines…

I’m sitting here in the Pittsburgh airport getting ready to head back to Orlando after a quick bidness trip to the land of the yinzers. I met up with Tim, Suzie and Josie last night for some local fare and lots of laughs. Somehow Tim escaped without either of his girls puking on him (though it was touch-and-go with the taller one). In fact, getting out of the house for the first time in weeks must have made her giddy, because I have enough blackmail material on Suzie now to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams! It was great meeting them, and I hope to come back again for a longer visit.

Meanwhile, I think we got more rain here from Katrina as it passed northward than I saw in Florida. Still, it was just a heavy overnight rainstorm. Nothing like the horrible devastation down south. If you haven’t already hit the Red Cross button, I urge you to do so soon.

See you back in the F-L-A.

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