Blogger Tag!

Geekman started a game of Blogger Tag last week, but after passing from Jill to MJ to Chari, it died at the doorstep of Nicole.

What is Blogger Tag? Basically, you name and link the person who tagged you (like “GeekMan got me!”), then write “Tag! You’re It!” with “You’re” being a link to the person you’re tagging. The catch is: You cannot let the person you tagged know you tagged them! No using Trackback or e-mailing them on the side. They have to read your blog and discover it themselves (which can be kinda depressing, if it turns out they don’t really read your blog like they said they did. Hey! Who’s bright idea was this game anyway?).

He has added what I will now call the Fish Rule, where you “give the tagged person 24 hours to realize that they’ve been tagged. After 24 hours the tagger can either tag someone else OR tell the tagged person they’ve been tagged.”

So, after that longwinded introduction, let’s play!

Tag! You’re IT!

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7 Responses to Blogger Tag!

  1. Chari says:

    I had let her know… but it seems she either forgot or didn’t want to play.

  2. Chari says:

    Did I mention — WAH!!!

  3. Chari says:

    Does this mean I have to tag someone else, dang-it? [are you tired of me yet?]

  4. Solonor says:

    If she’s not gonna play, you’d better tag someone else. Two games winding their way across the vast blogiverse! w00t!

  5. mac says:

    I mostly just forgot about it because I have a brain like a sieve. Oh look, bright shiny objects…..

  6. jadedju says:

    I thought Mac hated us and was refusing to play. I feel better know it was just a case of holey brains.

  7. brandelion says:

    lawd yassss, them holey brains.

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