Blogland Security Warning

You’ve heard the warnings. You’ve seen the wanted poster. But how do you know the right level of terrah to feel?

Too much, and you’ll be selling all your stock in Bloogle early and miss the big pay out.

Too little, and you’ll have to beg Canadian geeks to listen to you… Oh. Wait. That’s just me. Um, well… it will be bad. Trust me.

Fortunately, the government of the blogosphere is watching out for you, so you don’t have to think. Unix Gal is up for the post of Director of Blogland Security (pending a vote of two-thirds of the Blog Senate). Once installed, her first act will be to explain the best way to color-coordinate your blog to the new warning system devised by the Princess.

Blog Terror Alert Blogroll Us Now!

Oh, and would it kill ya to blogroll me while you’re at it? Hmmm?

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8 Responses to Blogland Security Warning

  1. Oooh! I might get a new job title! Be sure to let me know so I can activate the appropriate people.

  2. Unix Gal says:

    Defending the Blogiverse!

    :Robyn: and Solonor have uncovered a Blog Terror Plot! Do your part to help right this wrong! Read how they

  3. michele says:

    As I posted on Robyn’s blog today:

    I find it very interesting that I look at the Blogrolling 100 today and lo and behold, Robyn and Chris are back at 1 and 2.

    Does anyone else find it incriminating that Jason has stayed at both their houses?


    I think there is a conspiracy afoot!

  4. Maria says:

    **Giggles** I am so non existent in the blog world….. My vote couldn’t possibly matter?? :op

  5. Solonor says:

    Every vote matters, citizen! ;p

  6. michele says:

    I think this is all a clever ruse on Solonor’s part. He is trying distract the FBI from finding out the bin laden is hiding in HIS UNDERPANTS!

  7. Kathy K says:

    Already bloggrolled ya. Doing it twice might be fun, but probably wouldn’t get you any higher on the stats. 😉

  8. Solonor says:

    Ha! I’ve got you there! You and your inspectors are free to search my underpants any time!! Um… let me rephrase that…

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