Blogsitters Wanted. Inquire Within.

I was going to just leave the blog in a stasis field until I got back (turning off all comments to keep out the evil scum of the earth spammers). I don’t have guest bloggers very often, and I doubt there’d be anyone interested in keeping the place warm anyway. But if you think you’d like to take a crack at screwing up the Ink Well for 10 days starting Friday (and having your posts subsequently ridiculed and maybe deleted when I return), send me an e-mail, and we’ll talk. I’ll even forward the MT-Blacklist messages to you, so you can clean up after the idiotic spam monkeys!

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  1. sally crawford says:

    Hi, Solonor,

    I am blogging at Metroblog London ( but we received a comment this morning that was so misogynist in style and substance that maybe I want to migrate to a REAL MAN’s blog for a while.

    I have been blogging exactly a week (this is England) so I don’t know about the ‘delete spam’ bit yet.

    But I am a journalist by trade (working in publishing) and if I learned one thing in the former occupation it was ‘if in doubt leave it out’.

    I am also a steady hand on the tiller, being British. Funnily enough, finding out about Metroblog was through reading YOUR blog.

    My email:
    My URL:

  2. Solonor,

    Post ii: No offence to Metroblog, of course, it’s my site of choice otherwise.


  3. -d says:

    I’d be glad to sit for ya… if ya want!

  4. Kevin says:

    The Ink Well a real man’s blog? And I always thought you were a half-elf!

    Those pesky English spoiling things again, sheesh.

    Have a good trip!

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