But it’s a good kinda tired…

Ah, what a weekend. We went on our first family trip since 2004. It was short–just 3 days–and we didn’t go far, but it was fun.

We started off Friday by walking around Ybor City before dining at the Columbia Restaurant. Now, that was some yummy food stuffs. Later that evening, we wandered around looking for a movie theater. Yes, I know there’s one right there in Ybor City…but… well, it’s complicated and involves Ohio and a wormhole. You wouldn’t understand. Trust me. I don’t understand it myself.

We spent the day Saturday at Busch Gardens. I hadn’t been there in at least 5 years, I think, so that was fun. They added SheiKra since last time, and that was my one rollercoaster trip for the day (though I wish I had gone on Montu…maybe not 5 times like the kids…)

I thought SheiKra was a little short, though there are a couple of stomach-churning 90-degree, 200-foot drops in it, plus an Immelmann, so it kinda makes up for it. Plus, we went on a rainy-ish day in late September, which is apparently the greatest, because there were no lines anywhere.

Yesterday, we went to see the Red Sox play the Devil Rays. Despite the Sox loss, it was a fun game. Tropicana Field is not my favorite, as I still find it a little un-American to play baseball on carpet and under an air-conditioned dome. However, considering we were in Florida, and I’m old and spoiled, having a roof over our heads was pretty sweet. It didn’t hurt that we had really nice seats near the left field foul pole about 6 rows back.

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5 Responses to But it’s a good kinda tired…

  1. Ric the Schmuck says:

    I wondered if you ever went to see the Sawx when they were in Tampa (OK, St. Pete.)

    After all, it is a home game for the Red Sox. At least that’s the way it sounds on TV, the way the fans cheer.

  2. Solonor says:

    It was sad seeing the 2 or 3 Rays fans trying to cheer in their own home park. But it was funny watching Emily go back-and-forth with one. This old guy was really good natured about it.

  3. kat says:

    I miss roller coasters man. I have never gotten to ride Sheikra and that bums me out pretty bad, even if it is too quick, I want to ride it and nearly pee my pants.

    Glad you guys had an awesome time.

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    We have tickets for this Sunday at Fenway. When we got them a few weeks ago, I tried to give the boys a bit of a heads up that we might not see all the regulars, as it would be the last game of the season and it wouldn’t be all that important……………..

    ………and I wish that I was been wrong on that count! That game might be very important.

  5. GeekMan says:

    It’s nice to know that even during their teenage years, you and your spawn can have a good time together. However, I must point out that the fact that you made an appropriate Eureka 7 reference is what really makes you my hero.

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