Call Me Crazy

Excuse me.

There has never been a better singer of tortured love songs than Patsy Cline.

Thank you for your time.

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7 Responses to Call Me Crazy

  1. dragonleg says:

    Solonor speaks the truth!

  2. Hey Lisa says:

    Very true, very true. But I have to tell you, LeAnn Rimes is pretty damn good, and when she sings Crazy (which is the true test according to my husband) it’s quite impressive.

  3. Brian says:

    “Crazy” may be the best unrequited love song ever. Thanks, Patsy and Willie.

  4. Solonor says:

    Not just “Crazy”… Every single song on 12 Greatest Hits. I’m not a big fan of the rest of her catalog, but this one album is perfect.

  5. rah says:

    I grew up on Patsy, and murder ballads expains a lot huh?

  6. Melissa says:


    Well, you asked for it!

  7. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Me, call you crazy? Nahhhhh Never happen! 🙂

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