Capitalism Good

I saw this BlogShares game over at Christine’s this afternoon. It’s a neat stock market simulation for blogs. At the time, my blog was worth $1.65, but now it’s up over $9, and I’m in 12th place in the Top 100. I’m filthy, stinking rich!!

Listed on BlogShares

On the main page, there is this:

Special Note: Please don’t post a link on the web to the BlogShares Alpha. Feel free, however, to email your friends. This is just for the alpha version before the site is moved to it’s final home in Sorry for any inconvenience and no worries if it should happen (such is the web).

So, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a flood of traffic takes the site down. I was going to be nice and not say anything in the blog, but some people already did. And if my friends tell me to jump off a bridge…

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21 Responses to Capitalism Good

  1. kat says:

    it’s not about doing what we tell you, it’s about being bigger blog geeks than we already are. 😀 tee hee

  2. Scott says:

    Hee! I just joined.

  3. So yeah, I joined this . . .

    Shh…. Blogshare. Blame Solonor. I do, and often.

  4. GeekGrrl says:

    Ohhhh suuuuuuuuuuuure, bring down the Spork Posse. Guess you’d rat out your friends for a buck, wouldn’t ya?


  5. Solonor says:

    Why? Ya got a buck? ;p

  6. A new fun thing for the BlogoSpheriVerse

    I’m playing around with this It’s pretty fun! Play with it too! Buy shares of GG(D)N! -Speaker Via Scott &

  7. bran says:

    i don’t get it. but there’s me.

    *scratches head and ass concurrently*

  8. GeekMan says:

    Wait a second. Why is my damn blog so cheap? Do I suck THAT badly?

    Jeeze. Why didn’t anybody tell me?

  9. Solonor says:

    Damn! You are cheap. I’m going bargain hunting!

  10. Linkmeister says:

    Damned investment bankers. They priced my IPO too low!

  11. Dania says:

    Oh crap well I had mine linked a couple of days ago lmao

    But hey you’ve gone up in value!..maybe I should advertise heh

  12. Christine says:

    I must hurry up and buy shares SOON!

    Poor guy has on the home page not to link to the site. Uh, guess you should have thought about that before you launched it and we found it, HUH??? 😉

  13. Solonor says:

    HEY! Just a cotton-pickin’ minute!! I followed YOU. I’m the lemming here, dammit!!

  14. Scott says:

    Hmm, I can’t access the site at the moment . . .

    Links are really screwed up on it, though.

  15. Taking stock of your blog.

    How’s this for an interesting complementary diversion to your daily blogging habits? You can now buy and sell shares in a simulated stock market that deals in blogs called, what else, BlogShares. BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs (aka bl…

  16. Les says:

    I must really suck. $.32 a share? No, no, no, that just means my stock is highly under-valued. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket!

  17. Les says:

    And Sol, what’s up with the lousy 5 shares you bought? Don’t you trust that my value will go up?? 😉

    Oh yeah, I can see this game starting a lot of blog-fights. Hee hee!

  18. Solonor says:

    Yeah, I started out trying to play it to make money, but then it looked like I was rating my friends by how many shares I bought. So, I sold off everything (netting a whopping $23) and bought 5 shares of each. Of course, now I’m gonna hear it from the ones I missed… This game might not be so good after all. (Plus, my ranking tanked, and now my stock is officially overpriced, so I can start dissing it now.)

  19. tanya says:

    mine’s worth almost a quarter a share. if you’re looking for a bargain, redsugar’s the way to go.

    *sigh* dammit, just because i’m low maintenance doesn’t mean i’m cheap…

  20. More on BlogShares

    Somehow the bottom fell out on Gamer’s Nook stock overnight. I emailed Seyed a bunch of links that haven’t been

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