(Yes, it’s time once again for another post by Laurence Simon in the Amish Tech Support Blog A Day Tour. Today’s kind host is Solonor, and let’s see what’s going on in Laurence’s evil mind…)

It’s time to play Confess! All you have to do is confess something in the comments section of this post.


Okay, I’ll start.

I collect my fingernail and toenail clippings and keep them in a jar in the bathroom. I did this to keep from swallowing my fingernail clippings, and I figured I’d have stopped a long time ago.

I’ve been doing it for five years now.

So, what have you got to confess?


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20 Responses to Confess!

  1. Da Goddess says:

    I confess: I wait for Laurence to make his appearance on a blog so that I can get a small glimpse of the man I’ve come to know and love so much over the last year.

    Oh? What? You didn’t buy that? Am I that transparent?

    Sheesh. Okay, I confess! I spend far too much time playing with my son’s Steve and Terri Irwin action figures …..pretending that I’m riding along on their adventures. Crikey!

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I admit that I like professional wrestling, and The Howard Stern Show. Of course, this can’t be any surprise…

  3. Bill says:

    I confess that I still have “Oops, I did it again” on my MP3 playlist.

  4. GeekGrrl says:

    I can One-Up ya Bill. I confess I have… Ummm… ::cough::Milli Vanilla::cough:: on my playlist. 😉

  5. Dawn says:

    Okay, here’s my confession.

    Most people think that when I say I work naked when the kids are at school, I’m kidding.

    I’m not.

  6. boyhowdy says:

    Hmm. Okay, I confess…that I’m primarily leaving a confession in the secret hope that others will follow the link that accompanies it back to my own blog, thus driving up my hit counter and making my ego swell. Sickening, ain’t it?

    Also, even though I proclaim to only be watching to deconstruct the commericals, I actually enjoy the Superbowl. And not as some George Will-esque metaphor for the highbrow, either.

  7. Loretta says:

    I confess I eat Petit Pois peas out of the can with a spoon. Don’t even warm them up.

    I confess I sometimes wish I lived on a houseboat in Sausalito and had no children.

    I confess I have a big crush on Tino Martinez.

  8. michele says:

    I confess I have a huge crush on Solonor.

    I confess that I have Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” on my mp3 playlist.

  9. Bill says:

    Hey, I liked Milli Vanilli!
    And Petit Pois peas. mmmmmm…

  10. Maria says:

    Okay….. Here’s mine.

    I confess that do almost nothing at work, and am paid well for it.

    I confess that I worship my cat.

    I confess that I eat just because I am bored.


  11. -e- says:

    I confess that I am still madly in love with Debbie Gibson. (hey, at least she’s legal now)

  12. dawn says:

    on the topic of saving one’s fingernails, i confess to liking piero manzoni, an italian artist who filled 90 jars with his excrement and sold them by weight, price pegged to gold. maybe those fingernail fragments will be worth something someday.

  13. Lambchop says:

    I confess that I have a penchant for “elevator music”, and that although I agree that a lot of the songs on that list of really bad 70’s songs actually do deserve it, I still like them anyway.

    I confess that I’ve lied to my boss about being sick when I didn’t feel like working (but if I’m taking the day off to go skiing, I tell him the truth :))

    I confess that I helped some friends break into the Entenmann’s Bakery outlet in Brentwood back in high school and we stole a couple of garbage bags full of chocolate covered donuts and marshmallow frosted devils food cakes for our beer blasts. (That’s when I learned that chocolate and beer don’t really mix well)

    I confess we used to drive into some of the wealthier neighborhoods in Dix Hills back when I was in 11th grade and steal lawn ornaments off people’s front lawns – i.e. statues and stone wells. One time resulted in me driving without a license because I was the only sober person at the time… bad, bad Lisa!

    Yes, I was a lying, drinking, thieving, stupid, lucky as shit, teenaged juvenile delinquent. But I had a damn good time.

  14. Jane says:

    Maria, you stole my confession!

  15. Jason D- says:

    I confess I’m actually friends with a vanilli

  16. Solonor says:

    I confess that I left this post up at the top of my blog longer than normal, because I wanted the extra hits from Laurence’s legion of fans.

    Jealousy, thy name is Lestah.

  17. I confess that I think you’re all sick!

    …Also, I enjoy ham

  18. Domino says:

    I confess I’m so freakin boring I have nothing to confess.

  19. yvonne says:

    I confess that I secretly like when I get ingrown toenails because they are so much fun to dig out. hey, but at least I don’t collect them in a jar!!!!
    You’re a freak, ya know that Solonor? That’s why me loves you.

  20. munin says:

    ok, ok already! I confess, when I was young I had the thriller album and would listen to it daily, and, I, umm, had a crush on wil w. *runs and hides*

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