Mini-Camera Jealousy

Sgt. Grump and Cableman went to the monthly computer show Saturday, and each of them came back with a digital camera on a keychain. I hate them–not so much for the mini-cameras, but for the price they paid: $32!! I have scoured the Internet, looking at pencams and keyring cams and wafer thin cams (they’re wafer thin), and no place have I seen them this cheap.

There are trade offs, of course. The resolution is only 0.1 megapixel. The viewfinder is a joke. It only takes 20 shots at 352 x 288 resolution, 80 shots at 176 x 144. And Grump had to fashion a cardboard insert for the little case, so the activation button wouldn’t be pressed in his pocket, wearing down the battery. But $32! And it does a decent job of acting as a web cam and taking a few seconds of video.

So that I’m even for calling Bill a sexy smurf, here’s a pic of my ugly mug, taken with Grump’s keychain (image degraded by converting to jpg and by the subject matter).

Ugly Mug
Click for larger size

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18 Responses to Mini-Camera Jealousy

  1. statia says:

    Who knew that a 32 dollar digi cam would do such a great job at retouching? *ducks*

  2. Solonor says:

    beissen Sie mich

  3. theresa says:

    That pictures not too bad, considering it came from a $32 camera. I think I need one of those to go with my USB drive on my keychain.

  4. gnome-girl says:

    wow you kind of resemble mr rogers in that sweater babe

    *runs for cover*

  5. gnome-girl says:

    dammit hoopty stop following me!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yvonne says:

    aww, you have the cutest smile, i want to hug you, and i’m not even drunk!

  7. hoopty says:

    dammit yvonne stop groping me!!!!

  8. Bill says:

    Y’all ain’t even, boyo. Retribution is still coming your way…

  9. Ric The Schmuck says:

    He’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttte……….. like a rock ‘n roller or something!

  10. Argh! Now I have tiny cheap digicam envy!

  11. Cute! Um, I mean, nice picture. 😀

  12. dragonleg says:

    H-E-Y…wait a minute…
    How do we know that handsome guy sitting at the desk is really you?
    Maybe you hired one of those Hollywood character actors to, shall we say, “portray” you….
    Wondering, just wondering.

  13. munin says:

    mais, il est tellement minion le petit bonhomme 🙂

    surprisingly, it’s a very good picture for a 32$ digital camera!

  14. statia says:

    Ok, so what do you call this?

    I forgot I had this.

  15. Solonor says:

    That’s not surprised. That’s wasted on Guinness.

  16. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Over all the years, I don’t ever remember seeing that Guinness look on you….
    Now, on me, sure. But on you? Whooooooo

  17. New Toys!

    Back from the computer show with my new keychain mini-camera. Plus, I couldn’t resist getting one of these keychain LED

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