Monday Mission 3.03

Back on track again with Monday Mission. It’s version 3.03, for those of you scoring at home.

Friday I wrote about “People I Can Do Without.” How about adding to the list with a few people you can live without?
People who are proud of their ignorance.
“Oh, I don’t know how to use a computer, so I don’t dare try.”
“I’ve never been to X, so I wouldn’t want to go there.”
“You think you’re so smart, just because you went to school?”

Have you ever felt like someone truly respected you? What does being respected mean to you personally?
I think so. I go to great lengths to prove how good I am at a bazillion different things (even if I’ve never done them before), just to prove to people that I am so smaht. Hey! I know it’s a disease. I’m working on it!

In (past or current) relationships, what is the “one thing” your partner would change about you if they could?
This sounds like we’re on The Newlywed Game.
My snoring.

Have you ever tried to change who you are to please someone? How did that turn out?
That’s a constant process. A little adjustment here. A little tweak there. Every time I am with someone, I make those kinds of empathetic (not pathetic, wiseass) changes to be liked. I don’t think I ever change my core being that way, though.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Can it really happen?
Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time. (Sorry, already used that one, didn’t I?) I think so. It’s more lust than love, but there are definitely some psychic bonds between people that show up before word one is spoken.

Today is “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” in the United States. King’s non-violent protests against unequal treatment of African-American people led to radical change in America, and ultimately, his assassination in 1968. How have Rev. King’s accomplishments impacted or influenced your life?
As a 40-year-old white male from Maine, I have to say “not much.” In the broader scope of things, the civil rights movement made life a little bit better for the human race. So, as a card-carrying human, I’m better off. But, to be honest, it’s had very little direct impact on me.

In America, our President declared yesterday to be “National Sanctity of Life Day.” While it enacts no change in policy or program, it does allow our country’s leader to make a declarative statement about abortion. How do you feel when you hear about a government taking a position such as this?
Grrrrrrr…. no comment.

BONUS: What will I do if you say we’re through?
Don’t let it end this way.

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