Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

President Kang, President Muffley, President Brady???

Yes, they’re all here. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Fictional American presidents.

God bless Fake America!

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2 Responses to Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

  1. Linkmeister says:

    Hmm. That’s quite a list. I note that it includes the President in Advise and Consent but leaves out several Presidents who came thereafter in Drury’s five or six other books with many of the same characters.

    Seems like I know more of the book characters than I do the movie ones.

  2. Linkmeister says:


    Anybody ever read The Bourne Identity? This story seems to start the same way Ludlum’s book did. Who is this guy? In other literary news, unless you read Solonor you won’t have seen this list of fictional American Presidents. I…

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