Don’t worry, I’ll talk about something non-CD related soon…

So, a couple of you fine folk have consented to post about my debut album. And, despite the glitches that cdbaby has been having lately, it looks like I’m getting a few hits. Thank you!

Unfortunately, I neglected to read the details of digital distribution where CD Baby clearly states:

How long does it take for you to send it to all the companies?
2-5 weeks, once you’ve given us ALL the info we need, and we’ve received your CD. We have to encode it into 17 different formats for 40 different companies, so that’s why it takes a while. Plus we have to verify all your songwriter and publisher info is correct before we send it out into the world. Read the next question, though…

How long does it take to show up on the music services once you deliver it?
Each company is different, but in general it takes from 3 weeks minimum, to 4 months maximum. (Usually 2-3 months.) Once we send it to them, it’s out of our hands and they do what they can to get it imported and active in their service. We push them to get it added as soon as possible, and they always do it as soon as they can.

So, I’m not gonna be a big online star as quickly as I had hoped. Oh well, I almost drove my family nuts with my excitement over the regular sales link. I don’t think they could have taken my hyperventilation at seeing myself on iTunes at the same time.

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    awww. much love, solly mon.

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