Here’s a note, kids. When you spend 10 years annually harassing an idol with something super nerdy like…oh, I don’t know…a list of the Top 100 (or so) Demented Hits (from Funny 25’s), you should have the decency to make sure it’s right before you send it to him. Otherwise, he might send you a really nice email pointing out that it has mistakes in it…ya know, in case he wants to use it for something in the future.

It’s all fixed now, Doctor D!

Oh, and in my year of failing to update the blog in favor of Facebook posts, I forgot to mention that he gave me a shout out on his January 14 show last year when I pointed out that “Fish Heads” by Barnes & Barnes had finally become the number one most requested song of all time (according to me). You can hear it at Doctor Demento Online (if you pay for it first), and here’s a promo:

I have been trying to contact my inner 12-year-old and let him know about all of this, but I think he’s gone into catatonic shock.

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