It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad Countdown

Last night the Doctor Demento Funny 25 once more treated us to another batch of silliness (Doctor Demento! Huzzah! Long may he reign!) and gave us our annual update to the madness that is the Top 100 (or so) Demented Hits (from Funny 25’s). This year, it was all about Ookla the Mok, and the band had the #1 song (Tantric Yoda) as well as #11 (Go To Bed) and #15 (Mr. Mxyzptlk/Bizarro World). Since there weren’t any additions to the countdown above it, that puts “Tantric Yoda” into the top 100 (or so) at the currently 17-way tie at number 95.

In fact, the only returning songs to the countdown were “Pencil Neck Geek” by ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie and Shel Silverstein’s “The Smoke-Off”. Blassie’s wrasslin’ rant gained a few points but didn’t move up from its #7 spot. Meanwhile, the kick from being in this year’s top 20 pushed “The Smoke-Off” up from #15 to a tie with Travis Meyer’s “The Devil Went To Jamaica” at #12.

Here’s this year’s list from along with some fun links.

#25 GoogleArt Paul Schlosser
#24 Green Eggs And PeasCirque du So What?
#23 What It Was, Was Football (Part I & Part II)Deacon Andy Griffith
#22 Space OddityJimmy Fallon
#21 WednesdayDave & Brian
#20 Pencil Neck GeekFred Blassie

#19 The Smoke-OffShel Silverstein
#18 When You Wish Upon A Death Starthe great Luke Ski
#17 What Can I Do For You?Garden Fresh
#16 We Were Never Ever Actually TogetherEric Schwartz
#15 Mr. Mxyzptlk/Bizarro WorldOokla The Mok

#14 Pregnancy Is StrangeCarrie Dahlby
#13 MenfriendsFlat 29
#12 Touch My JunkHarry Shearer
#11 Go To BedOokla The Mok
#10 Betty RubbleSteve Goodie
#9 Don’t Roof Rack Me Bro (Seamus Unleashed)Devo
#8 Weird Al Yankovic For PresidentSneaky Pete
#7 Share It MaybeCookie Monster
#6 TitanicRyan Hopak & The Happy Chinchillas f/ Dana Shaw

#5 2012 The Musical (edit) – Premeow & Awesomedot TV
#4 In The 80sDevo Spice
#3 Cheap FlightsFascinating Aida
#2 Garden Of Your Mind – Mister Rogers Remixed by John D. Boswell
#1 Tantric YodaOokla The Mok

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  1. Karan says:

    I personally prefer Art Paul Schlosser’s “Your Pretty When Your Wet” over “Google”.

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