Ew, my brain is all melty

Turns out June is not a good time to have a yard sale in Florida. Ya know why? Because everything fricking melts before you can collect 25-cents for it! Then you have to scrape it up off the asphalt and put it in a trash bag. And then some people don’t want it no more. Stupid picky yard salers.

We did have fun playing with the melted crayons though… (“Look! I can draw with my finger!”) And we have made over fiddy bucks and gotten rid of some crap. Not to mention all the weight we’re sweating off.

I’m just taking a break to give my cerebral cortex a chance to re-solidify.

Is it bad when you can hear your brain slosh around in your skull?

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2 Responses to Ew, my brain is all melty

  1. Susan says:

    egads – your melting over there and I’m looking out over here going “any minute and the snow will start falling!”

  2. Somewhat says:

    At least your country has discovered airconditioning. I’m melting, my pretty.

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