Fahbulous Forties

Last night’s concert by the OGC was wonderful. They did it like a 1940’s radio show in-progress, and we were the studio audience. It featured songs by Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and George Gershwin, as well as some cowboy songs, a (sorta) gay reading of “Who’s On First?” and a brilliantly choreographed set of Andrews Sisters numbers performed by a group of “soldiers”. Every time we turned around, Sherri was featured in some combo or another, and her solo on “Summertime” was incredible.

Damn them to hell, though! One of her combos not only hit me with the song that sticks a knife in my gut for some, unknown reason (“Moonlight Serenade”), but also reminded me that it has words. *sniff*

If I were a rich (and not so busy-as-hell) man, I’d have season tickets to their shows. (And if I weren’t so entrenched in my church choir, which practices the same night as they, I would definitely consider joining them.)

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