Fanboy squeeeeeal!

Home sick today (no voice, bad cough), but that just gave me the opportunity to check out all the Heroes stuff on the webernet. (OMG, Eccleston is awesome.)

First up: Stan Lee will make a cameo appearance!

And now, besides the great 9th Wonders forum, the goofy Hiro’s Blog and Claire’s MySpace page, they’ve added:

Primatech Paper Company – a web site for the company that hides the lab where Claire’s father works…it’s got a real phone number that you can call and key in a secret code and get messages (it’s the 21st century Little Orphan Annie decoder ring).

A Heroes Wiki – where you can keep track of all the mythology, theories, and episodes

You need to get hooked on this show immediately. Go to the Heroes page and scroll down to watch the 13-Minute Season Recap.

You wouldn’t deny me this, since I’m on my sickbed, would you?

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3 Responses to Fanboy squeeeeeal!

  1. Sherri says:

    Feh you could be running around BEING a hero and work your way up to your very own Lollipop of Death or a Death HockyStick.

    SO who gave you germs? Get rid of ’em before next game night!

  2. Ric the Schmuck says:

    Get better, you!

  3. cassie-b says:

    Good to be home – bad to not feel well. I hope you’re already starting to recover.

    have a nice weekend.

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