Fantastic Fan Fiction

Here are two projects that aren’t the typical self-published stories or pieces of art that I usually associated with fan fic.

For the Star Trek universe, we have Star Trek New Voyages – one of the strangest combinations of fandom and altruism that I think I’ve ever seen.

After the 2003 accident with the Space Shuttle Columbia, a group got together and decided to raise money for the orphaned children of the disaster by creating their own version of the original Star Trek TV series.

But it’s not just a parody. No, instead they plan on filming the show as if it were not canceled after its third season. Same characters, same setting, just different actors!

They are completely serious. They’ve even gotten some old bit players from the original series to sign on as guest stars. You have to check out the trailer.

Meanwhile, the arch-enemy of the Trek franchise, Babylon 5, has its own fans. What they’ve created is one of the coolest FREE games for the PC. It’s called Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her. Its cut scenes are almost as good as what we saw on the TV series.

In the game, you pilot a star fury in a realistic space sim… In other words, it doesn’t fly like an airplane in space. If you don’t how inertia works, you’ll have a hard time with this one!

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2 Responses to Fantastic Fan Fiction

  1. Brian says:

    I spent quite a bit of time poring over this site the other day, and it seems like they’ve gone to an awful lot of effort.

    Their biggest problem is that they are doing this without the approval of Paramount, which guards the Trek franchise very jealously. They won’t care that these fans are raising money for a charity. They will force them to cease and desist like every other group that has dared to use anything remotely resembling the show. Evil bastards. Gene spins in his grave every time they shut down another fansite.

    I was quite interested to see that they dug up two or three bit players from the original show to play some of the new supporting characters.

  2. Lili says:

    I love Star Trek with all my little nerdy heart.
    I have watched it everyday in some way or another all of its life and my children dance to the opening theme songs in turn (even when they change it to a ballad).

    The Babylon 5 entity is my dear husbands great delight and this little linky will put me “in” – in a very big way over the next few days….Might even be able to tear him away from his Mistress-X for a few hours.

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