Football: Week 1

I am not a football fan. I realize that this is sacrilege in Florida, but that’s just the way it is.

Yet, I do participate in the just-for-fun office pool every year (where the main point is not so much to pick the winners as it is to see who can waste the most company bandwidth on trash talk). I don’t have a fancy schmancy Beagle Handicapping System like Peat, but I actually won the darn thing one year (and came in one spot from the bottom last year).

However, since I don’t really follow the football news as long as the Red Sox are still playing, I often forget who I picked. So, I’m posting the picks here for my own purposes. If anyone wants to follow along at home, don’t blame me when they repossess your car.

Indianapolis at New England
Arizona at St. Louis
Baltimore at Cleveland
Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets
Detroit at Chicago
Jacksonville at Buffalo
Oakland at Pittsburgh
San Diego at Houston
Seattle at New Orleans
Tampa Bay at Washington
Tennessee at Miami
Atlanta at San Francisco
Dallas at Minnesota
N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia
Kansas City at Denver
Green Bay at Carolina

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6 Responses to Football: Week 1

  1. geeky says:

    not bad… you picked the Eagles (philly) to win, and i have to say they’re not a bad team 😉

  2. peat says:

    Stick with the Beagles you’ll be fine. Good luck with Ivan.

    Red Sox are the best team in baseball right now. This is their year. They have pitching, hitting and D. If they choke this year I am afraid this will be their best chance for a long while.

    And my Yankees are giving them every opportunity to win the East.

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:


    Are you trying to purge the “New England” out of yourself?!?

    Actually, other than that glaring error, most of your picks look pretty good. I think I’d take Oakland, and maybe Cinci, but the rest looks good.

    As far as anyone can tell this early on, that is.

    But Our New England Patriots, Defending NFL Champions, are going to win their 16th straight game tonite, bubba.

  4. Solonor says:

    That was one of the ones I struggled with. NE has won against Indy like 24 billion times in a row.

  5. Sibeal says:

    Yes, and I noticed you didn’t sign up for MY pick ’em this year. I guess maybe it was because of the hurricanes… must have slipped your mind.

  6. suzie says:

    well, as the sox are going to the series this year, you should be watching baseball for almost another two months…

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