For these guys!

Richard Allen Irwin David Harold Norton

One was born and raised in Boston and grew up a Sox fan. The other was a Georgia cracker who idolized Mantle and the Yankees of the 50’s but came to love the Sox.

If there’s a Heaven, those two guys have spent the last couple of weeks cursing and hollering at their celestial TV screens. FINALLY. Their team won.

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11 Responses to For these guys!

  1. Tracy says:

    Oh my God, Solonor! I’m crying again, you fuck! That was fucking beautiful.

  2. OH MY GOD!

    Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!…

  3. erin says:


  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Indeed, my friend, this is for your dad, and for the other fellow who I somehow don’t know. Hear, hear!

    I’d like to add to that list, this is for my Aunt Ada, who was so very enamored with Carlton Fisk. When he was first with the Sox. I don’t know if there was ever a happier little old lady than when my Aunt Ada got an autographed baseball, signed by “Pudge”. This was in the day well before you could just go and get stuff like that… She’s smiling now.

    This is also for my Uncle John, who was quite a Sox fan.

    As was my late mother-in-law, Elaine. Her fixation was with Wade Boggs, and I got to help out with that obscession. When my wife, son and a couple of nephews were flying to visit her in Florida about 9 years ago, who did I spy getting on our plane in Boston, bound for Tampa, but Wade Boggs. I didn’t make a fuss about it, but pointed him out to my nephews, who were 12 & 10 at the time, and were quite impressed that he was on our plane. After we were well under way, I had them go up to first class, and ask politely for an autograph for their grandmother. I doubt he believed that was what they were up to, but wasn’t she happy. This is for Elaine, too.

  5. Tracy says:

    And for Sorrento’s Dad, who always believed and who died before he could see it happen.

  6. suzie says:

    you rock. me and you!! we stuck it out!!!!!!!

  7. Okay. Congrats. Your boys earned it.
    Have a weekend enjoying it.
    If not for the Pats, it might last a week.

    Now, it’s done, so stuff it in your piehole and tell me:
    Who’s gonna be left from this squad on Opening Day, 2005?

    Which free agents are your braintrust gonna just throw money at to keep?

    Whether you like it or not, considering the competition between the dickheads both teams employ beyond the field of play, that WS team is over, and the salary crap is about to get delirious.

  8. Sunidesus says:

    I am soooo happy for all of you Red Sox folks!

  9. michele says:

    Congratulations. I really am very happy for you.

  10. Busy Mom says:

    There must be quite a party somewhere. Great pictures!

  11. Snowgirl says:

    Thanks Lester – I have had Dad and Grampy memories for several weeks now. Sitting in the front room at Brush Hill Road yelling and cursing at the Sox, while we snapped beans in the kitchen, giggling at all the noise they made. That was the only time I ever heard Gramp swear. It say “Damn those Yankees” and something about Yastremski (spelling). But that’s the worst it ever got. I know they’ve been watching this season from the best seats in the stadium. Thanks for being so thoughtful in your comments.

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