Free Speech Here Only

I’m in a ranty mood tonight, I guess. But that’s o.k., because I’m declaring this post a “Freedom of Speech Zone”. So, while you’re not allowed to say anything I don’t agree with in any other comments, this one is fine.

But beware! If you step outside the zone, you will be subject to the full force of Groovy Grove law.

What are you lookin’ at? If Ashcroft can designate where freedom of speech counts, so can I!

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3 Responses to Free Speech Here Only

  1. Scott says:

    Sing it, Brothah Lestah!

  2. Like all good Americans, I support the President’s Roadmap to Peace. You’re either with us or against us… dammit!

    (I seem to recall me and a few friends being called “Saddam’s Bitches” because we thought Iraq was a bad move… I’ll save the rest on my site if anyone has the nerve to go there.)

    If only Bush would dump Ashcroft, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld… I’d re-elect him in a heartbeat.

    Regretting that “free speech” stuff yet, pal? :0)

  3. I should clarify…
    1. I *certainly* wasn’t referring to you with the “war stuff”.
    2. In light of Scott’s awesome post about our soldiers cracking under the pressure, I take back my statement about re-electing Bush. I support our President. But only for this term. :0)

    Sorry if there were any misunderstandings.

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