My Pessimistic Girlfriend

Well, she’s a girl. And she’s a friend. (Remember when we went to that La Mancha movie together, baby? Good times.) And she’s definitely pessimistic.

Anywho, her secret boyfriend has written a nifty piece of ear candy called “My Pessimistic Girlfriend”. No composer has ever been able to capture the pure essence of his subject more faithfully than this lad. It is a work of quintessential beauty in its careful juxtaposition of heartfelt love and frustrated rage. I wept.

If you’d like to stroll over to Ms. Bitter One’s blog and take a listen, it’s over in her right sidebar. Beware, though, that it’s a 7mb Real Audio download. Those of you on dial up may not be able to get it. I weep for you.

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2 Responses to My Pessimistic Girlfriend

  1. Thanks for the kind words, sir. We sensitive creative types hate to admit it, but compliments are nutrients.

  2. Bitter Kat says:

    He’s also given word that you can upload it to your site iffen you want. We’ve got no idea how to convert it to .mp3. So you’ll just have to suffer and weep with me. Or start up a petition/collection to get the song (and other masterpieces) on a CD for mass consumption.

    And if you’d like more multimedia goodness, the trailer for the short movie I wrote is available for viewing at It’s the one titled “Ashes.” [not it’s original title].

    All of this is stuff that would’ve gone on mine own blog, but it’s apparently being moved. Stupid Blogger.

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