Get up, come on get down with the geekness!

I understand and accept my geekitude by doing goofy things like running a fantasy computer baseball league, ranking Dr. Demento songs, creating Oscar do-over polls, cataloguing banned books, etc., but every once in a while, it’s nice to wander around someone else’s uber-geeky project. So, this morning I jumped off from a link that Sgt. Grump sent me to wander through the world of the true Star Trek geek.

To begin with, he wanted me to see the part of Scifimatter, the Science Fiction and Fantasy and RPG Directory, that listed the indie and fan films. We’ve been taken with Star Trek: New Voyages (even before they got Walter Koenig to play Chekov in their latest episode), but I really didn’t know there were so many others out there! Star Trek: Intrepid has a pretty good trailer and a list of other Star Trek fan films in various states of production.

I wandered around Scifimatter some more and found a link to LCARS: Adge’s Star Trek Media Site. Egad! From the graphics of the tv show has sprung a buttload of sites dedicated to LCARS. You can visit the LCARS Computer Network, download all the flash goodies, download an LCARS Terminal Emulator, and there’s even an LCARS Standards Development Board.

But, of course, once the internets has you in its tentacles, you find yourself drawn down other paths. So, whilst looking at the Star Trek junk, I saw where Patrick Stewart said that the next X-Men film will be the “best of the three”. Which, of course, got me headed down comic book road…

I watched the X3 teaser trailer again (yes, I stepped through it frame-by-frame), checked out the IMDb entry (Kelsey Grammar as Beast?? WTF???), and the official website, and more than one fan site (Psylocke is in? w00t!). Then, I wandered about and picked up some Spider-Man 3 news and watched the trailer for V for Vendetta (Natalie Portman buzzcut!), and found a nifty site that has news of all Comic Book Movies.

I think my geek-o-meter is full.

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3 Responses to Get up, come on get down with the geekness!

  1. Sherri says:

    Careful! You’ll explode!

    Does Grump still have all his Star Trek collectable trading cards?

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I think I can buy into Grammar as Beast. He does have a way with the big words, after all, and the delivery should be a hoot.

    I’m looking forward to X3 more than Spidey 3, methinks. Just by a little, though. 🙂

  3. Sgt. Grump says:

    What Star Trek cards? I never collected those. Other baseball cards* in my youth, the only cards I ever collected were B5 cards.

    * Now long gone: I gave them to a cousin who loaned them to a friend who moved away with them never to be heard from again.

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