Good morning, America,

Anyone still up? Hey, Cranky Dragon was up.

The rest of you . . .. No?

I thought not.

So I blog alone, one hand clapping as the saying goes.

This is a situation not yet envisaged in blogworld . . . not yet envisaged by the all-seeing Solonor.

Saturday, London, England; everyone’s still asleep here too, dammit.

PS: Of course! The answer is a technological one! Thank you Microsoft! Computer enhancement: integrating our bodies into the network, so that software and data can be transmitted through our skins. Then I could wake you up. Tee hee.

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4 Responses to Good morning, America,

  1. Sally Crawford says:

    Hi, MJ,

    Order of the Sleepless Knights/Nights – hah!

    Sally Crawford
    (the poet never sleeps)

  2. Sally Crawford says:

    Hi, Cranky,

    So dragons don’t sleep either.

  3. Henry James says:

    And the wise man said:

    What is the sound of one clapping hand?

    It is like being everywhere at once or nowhere now, right around the void that my hidden skin is guessing: oxygen trough the pores.

    Metaphysically yours,

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