If it’s good enough for Solonor to do…

…then it’s good enough for me!

Yes, my family is gonna have us a yard sale today. (OK, technically I’m logging this on Friday night. But as I get up at 5-frickin-AM to get started, I won’t be in any mood to be a-blogging.) You’d think after reading about Solly’s yard sale folly, I’d know better. Nahhhhhhhhhhh……

Of course, we don’t live in the oppresive Florida heat. So we ought to be safe from melting. Actually, we’re sweating whether or not it’s gonna rain.

I really hate doing these things. (My day job is retail management. So I take a day off from work to do what? Sell stuff? At home?) And we do them every year, sometimes twice a year. But at least a bunch of junk gets out of my house, we get a little bit of scratch cash, and most of the junk stays out of my house. (Making more room for new junk!) At least my wife has relented in recent years, and is allowing me to cart off much of what’s left at the end of the day to the Goodwill Store. Only a small portion of it gets packed away for the next sale…… and it resides in the garage.

Wish me well, or laugh thinking of me all day. (Hell, if you knew me well enough, you could laugh thinking about me most any day….sheesh!) Maybe the Rasreth family will even land here in time to have that laugh in person.

I’m gonna practice…. “No, I won’t take a quarter for that! It’s marked fifty cents, and that’s what I’m gonna get! Awwwwwwww, alright. A quarter. Thankyouverymuch.”

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6 Responses to If it’s good enough for Solonor to do…

  1. Kevin says:

    Maybe this year you won’t need the trip to the Goodwill Store; just sneak it into some Rasreth luggage and relax!

  2. Sally Crawford says:

    You up yet Ric, pic?

    PS: why do you have that ‘Schmuck’ epithet, I’m wondering . . ..

    (PPS: I used to be called ‘Titch’ because I am of small (but perfectly formed) stature.). . . I was not pleased.

  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Updating the yard sale…..
    10:38 AM (local… or Eastern Standard Time, now that we are operating on both sides of the pond)

    All is well. the sun is shining, but it isn’t Florida-level hot.
    Yard Sale + Lack Of Rain = Good Thing!

    Actually sellign some of this junk. Not enough, but at least there is less stuff to pack away, at this point in time. Still looking for that mythical customer who comes in and asks how much for the lot…. If I see him or her, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

  4. Sally Crawford says:

    10:38 am local time is good. On a Saturday especially. Here, it is the mythical and universal tea time.

    Pip, pip

  5. Ric The Schmuck says:

    5:06PM local time. Yard sale is over. The remnants are boxed up, and put away.

    Too much left over, I’m afraid. One facet of my evil plan has gone awry. I didn’t get to take copious quantities of junk to the Goodwill Store, as was my original plan. Unfortunately, we needed to box it all up and put it away, because we’re going to do another one in the fall! Yippie frickin’ skippie!

    However, we made a few bucks, and did get rid of quite a bit of junk. And at least what’s left is staying in the garage, as opposed to in my basement, my living room, my bedroom, my kids bedroom….. you get the idea.

    It didn’t rain. It wasn’t too hot.
    No one got hurt. Game over.

    Solly and family NEXT! Hooray!

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